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About Me
  Hair Color: Blonde/Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Shoe Size: 37 (eur) 7.5 (us)
Dress Size: 40-42 (eur) 8 (us)
Body Type: Slim with some muscles
Spoken Languages: English/Italian
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Welcome to my nudes website!

About me My name is Ekaterina Kruglova. I was born 09 March 1982 in St.Peterburg.

I am full-time model. I think modeling is really fun and exiting. I am located at the moment in St.Peterburg, Russia. St.Peterburg, second biggest city in Russia.

I have experience in photo shoots, beauty contests, hair shows, and promotion. I have finished modeling school which is located in St.Peterburg. I have worked with a many great Russian and American photographers. In addition, I had worked with a local photographers artist.

At performance of work I show iron will. I'm Purposeful and Endurance as well. I always try to be in a good mood.

People say that I'm very kind and caring person. I want to help people who have any problems. I never forget kindness you did for me. I can control my character. I know value to me, but it does not mean, that I selfish. I almost always tell true, but sometimes it's not very good to do it.

I just love different sports, such as shaping, aerobic, swimming, running and others. Therefore, I am always in good physical form.

Interested working in Cosmetic, Fitness, Fashion, Runway, Sport, Casual, Swimwear, Print, Lingerie, Spokes model, Convention, Acting, Portrait, Video/Film, Catalog, Commercial, Glamour and Nude.

I am willing to travel, if all expenses are paid. I am available for assignments worldwide with all expenses paid. I am a very enthusiastic person and 100% dedicated to getting your project done correctly. I take every assignment seriously and will always do my best for you. I certainly hope we can work together. I am desperately looking for modeling agencies that would represent me.

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